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Take a moment and say a prayer....

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One of my precious friends Erika's husband is in ICU in Fort Walton Beach with some type of trauma to his head. Please take a moment and pray for him... her twin sister Darby posted on her blog and you can read here to get more updates! Erika is pregnant and I know that she will covet all the prayers that you can send for her and Chance right now!

Riley Grace, Maggie Ruth and their new "Jack Brother"

I know it has been a LONG time since I posted last and AGAIN things have changed for me. I took a new job with Astonish Results and I have been traveling since the end of October. That makes for some crazy days and hence the reason I have neglected to post. It has been an amazing time for me and I love what I do so I will try to capture from now on the cities that I get to visit and the things I get to see.

I am in Phoenix right now and I woke up early this morning to get some work done, have a little coffee and enjoy the 74 degree weather here. This place is beautiful! I do not have pictures yet but I plan on taking some when I leave this hotel room. I am staying at the Clarendon Hotel. The pool here is great (I forgot my bathing suit) and NO I did not skinny dip but it looks amazing and the rooftop bar seems like it would be the spot to be (when it is open). Last night it wasn't and I was in the mood to see what Phoenix had to offer me. I went to FEZ and had the most ridiculously mouth watering burger I have ever had in my LIFE. Read the menu... the "Fez" Burger. The bartender was awesome and recommended it and I really thought... who wants PEARS on their burger? Well he told me to trust him, and I did and now this morning I am craving the darn burger. Is that weird? Probably not if you really KNOW me... I am not your breakfast kind of girl. I like hot hot hot things and really have never developed the love for the big breakfast!

So today I am off to an appointment in Phoenix and then I fly to Houston (via direct on Continental) and I have two appointments there! The reason I tell you the flying situation is that I never realized how difficult it is to have a job and have to make reservations for plane flights, hotels and car rentals all around the country. If you fly daily like I do now, you get accustomed to trying to get to your next destination DIRECT!!! If you have ANY questions at all about travel, PLEASE do not hesitate to email me or if you have my number, call me. I hope now that I have gotten over my lapse in being a blogger that maybe now I can use this as a place to tell a little more about myself but actually share my travels with you, my friends.

Off to Houston tonight, going to see some family as well... Hope that you all have a beautiful day... Some pictures for you since I don't have any at the moment of Phoenix!

Until next time...

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My next DESTINation!!!

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Soon I will be traveling through Alabama to share my mom's belated birthday with her as well as to head to Destin/Santa Rosa Beach/Point Washington to where these two are getting married! I love Jenny to death. I lived with her in Point Washington at one point in my 6 years down in the Panhandle and she is the most amazing person and friend. God gave her to me to help teach me patience. She is the most patient, gentle, caring friend I know. I can not wait to share her BIG day with her.

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When times are tough...

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Death is just the beginning of another life... my quote for you all this morning. I spoke to my mother who is in Galveston, TX with my great aunt and uncle, helping them recover from what Ike left behind for them. I will say more about their experience but would ask that you all make it a point today to pray for my family and especially for Joann. Joann is part of my mother's side of our family and right now she is in Birmingham fighting for her life. The Dr.'s called the family in yesterday as they put her on life support. As of last night, the family was to make the decision as to whether or not to keep her on. Joann's daughter doesn't want to see her mother suffer and I can only cry now imagining EVER having to make that decision about either one of my parents. What a burden on a heavy heart... to have to make those decisions. I ask you all to pray for her children that God will wrap His arms around them and lead them through their decisions as well as keep them close to them for what occurs in the next few days. This time right now for our family is definitely a challenging one and most of all for my mother. She is torn right now... over in Galveston trying to help, wanting to be in Alabama to be with her mother and the rest of her family so that she can help comfort in a time like this. I can not say it more than I will say it here... My mom ROCKS. She is a rock, a pillar for our family and gives more of herself than anyone that I know.

Pray for my grandmother as well today. She lost her son last December and now to lose Joann, who she has been extremely close to will break her heart. Pray also for my mother that she can feel peace about being in Galveston and know that the rest of her family will be there for support.

Thank you all for your prayers... I will post happier thoughts later today.

More pics for your visual stimulation...

This is where I can't wait to be in a few weeks.... and below is how I ride... Boots with high-heels. Please take note of how well behaved Bailey is when riding.

Two of the people I can't wait to see in a few weeks! Yeah... I am going home soon!

The girls of our family...

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I need more organization...

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I feel like I am in need of a complete overhaul of my life right now. I feel rather unorganized and I just keep looking at it and walking away... anyone have any great ideas of how to motivate myself these days? Things in need:

My car

My bathroom

My closet

My drawers

My emails

I could do it now but instead I will go to my hair appointment and then make my way to the Fulton County Republican Headquarters for the great debate tonight and then come home and snuggle with my newly groomed pups. I need some rest...
Here is a pic of Okie this morning having a cup of coffee and looking out the window at the wonderful area of Buckhead... He picked out his outfit as well!

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Call it a clan....

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I wish sometimes that I would not try to think that I will someday become a "weekly" blogger. I soooo desire to do this and somehow I find time to look at my Google Reader and catch up on EVERYONE else's blog. I think most would call me a blog stalker... I wouldn't say that, I just love knowing that all the people I care about are happy, loved and feeling a lot more fluid with words than I have for the past ...oh well let's say... a year?!

Most of these blogs are people I know and if I started listing them, well we would have a whole page about everyone else's blog, but a lot of them are blogs that I have found through other people's blog.

Let me tell you, I am a girl of visual stimulation... I can read only so much until I want a PICTURE interjected for a little break and a little glimpse of someone else's life. Most of you are married, with children or with child, or either engaged or in committed relationship. I, on the other hand, It's Just Me. I started this blog almost a year ago and my headline STILL rings true. Please don't think I am ashamed of this, as I am not, but I think it is quite comical that my story has changed only in location... (not really but kind of?!)

From the last blog you all know that I am in Atlanta, the city of the South... or my city of the South! To be honest, as I sit here and type I can't help but feel a little like Carrie from Sex in the City... my glass of wine to my left, my open window to my right (the city down below... I live on the 16th floor of a high rise in Buckhead) and my dogs... yeah she didn't have dogs but her BOYFRIENDS did. And yes, I am a lot like her. Single, in the city, typing at the end of the day, my thoughts of the day, (thank GOODNESS this doesn't get published in the newspaper), and wondering through it all... What really is in it for me? Well let's just say that I watched the last episode of the show but have yet to see the movie... please do not spoil it for me... I need to know how my life will end, or might I say begin.

I know what is in it for me...WAIT, hang on... you might be visual too and at this moment might quit reading if I don't post a picture... here ya go.

This is me wake-skating this summer at Lake Martin. I was invited to go with a friend for her husband's birthday and celebrate. I came back with only a few thousand bruises and a ton of laughter at myself for still trying every possible sport meant for children at the age of 31.

So back to my thoughts, I know what is in it for me... I know that it is God's plan and not my own and that is why what lies ahead and what is planned for me is something I am ok with. I love surprises! God loves to give them to me too! I don't think he would have wanted my sister and I to switch places... Poor sister, she doesn't like surprises. She did love to tell me every year at Christmas what she got me and any time she had a gift for me, she told me what it was before I opened it. She never liked the surprise factor! God probably appreciated there was at least one of us in the family that loved and welcomed the element of surprise. Well it seems to me that my life just keeps getting more surprising and I hope that one day God slows me down enough to want and have the beautiful joys that a family brings... that is SO NOT Carrie!!! I think we need a pic here of me in the office ... so you can visualize my being Carrie... Just call me Kimmy in the City... City of ATL that is!!!

I feel it is only fitting to let you know a little about my office... you see that chair, the one to the right... well that is Okie and Bailey's ($800... I only add this so you can see my insanity with my animals) chair while I am hard at work, and you see that chair, the one I sit in, well that is Okie sitting in it... he has decided that instead of that wonderful $110.00 dog bed on the floor (that actually is water resistant...i.e pee resistant) that he would like to sit in the $80.00 Office Depot and offer his mother a nice back support! Most days I find myself sitting on the edge of the chair to accompany him... seriously I think I need dog therapy!!! Who in their right mind would have a beautiful chair, an expensive dog bed, and 3/4 part of a desk chair that they would give up in order to make their little pups happy? Maybe I should re-think WHY I might be Carrie and not Charlotte (wait she had a dog)... oh and no thanks, I wouldn't want either of her men!!!! I will stick with Carrie.

I would now offer a glimpse of the city but I can't figure out how to make it show up at night... any help from photographer's ( ummm... Summer... ummm Erika???) is appreciated! Seriously... I am awe inspired by photography and hope to one day be able to take it up as a hobby. I might not be the best but the passion is there!

So back to my life... God is good. I struggled to find a church here in Atlanta and I have finally found one I want to call "Home". It is called All Souls and a great new friend that God introduced me to took me one Sunday and I knew that was it!!! It is awesome to feel so convicted and ecstatic about going to church. This is my first small step, finding the right one, and now I want to start working toward ways that God can use me in this church!

So back to Carrie, I think I might need to be named Kimmy in the City... with morals!!! hahaha. Just thought I would let you all know that I am not as free natured as Carrie but that I do like the appetite of life and grand explorations! I can not say that I truly have her style but I should do a comparison so you will be visually stimulated.

Ok, so maybe we might not look alike, (this is the closest pic I could find to hers) and I flipped it horizontally for the same effect... man does it look weird!!!)

I think I should keep trying...this is almost as fun as yearbooking yourself...which I did last night!
So, here I sit, it is 9:55 my time and I have been invited to come watch "P" play basketball. Like some of you do for your kids (and trust me I would too!) I will do for those I date as to not expose them and make them feel as though I am sharing them with the whole world. Please remember for those of you who read this... the word "date" is casual now. Back in the old days, it meant someone that you were spending most of your time with. Unfortunately, as the years have passed, and we all are no longer in college and 12 year olds are now 20 year olds, dating is only dating... it is casual. I could really go off on a tangent here but until I am famous for this blog (which of course you know it will...hahahahahaha) I will not.

So back to the time... what in the world... why would he think that I would want to take off my pajamas, take my hair out of a bun, put make-up back on, go down 16 flights of stairs (just kidding... we have an elevator) to take my dogs out and then bring them back up, to go back down the elevator, past the concierge, to another elevator, down three floors to my garage, and get in my car, and go up three garage levels, out a gate and then drive to a gym to watch BASKETBALL at 10:00 at night? Shouldn't he be calling to ask me out on a date, where he will pick me up, a dozen roses in the car (of course he would open my car door), drive me to a restaurant where they call me Miss Wells, and then sit at a fancy table, with a great bottle of wine, a good filet of steak or salmon, and a nice creme brulee for dessert, and then drive me home, tell me how wonderful of a night he had, and kiss me on the cheek, saying he can not wait to do this again and then tell me that he will call me tomorrow... of course he should!!!

So, I guess I have posted enough for tonight... I would like to say, but I won't hold myself to it, that I want to post more, and I want some of you to stalk my blog like I stalk yours! You all are an inspiration to me... you make me laugh, cry, turn my head sideways, push my chair back and do a little dance, sit and reflect, appreciate what I have and most of all give me joy each day that I get to read that God works in and through your life and that you all can be examples for me! So... here's to another day... with HIM!!! My friend Lyndsey (a gift from God through my new job...pray for her), who is 27 years old and is battling cancer for the 2nd time in two years sent me this email the other day and I will end with it and a few more pics for your visual stimulation...

'To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did ‘
When God takes something from your grasp, He's not punishing you,
But merely opening your hands to receive something better.
'The will of God will never take you where the
Grace of God will not protect you.'

always bring an umbrella to the concert...it might come in handy!!! This reminds me of a blog... not anything in common with this pick but it is called "Bring the Rain"... what a touching blog.

a girl after my own heart... and NO those are not Manolo Blahnik's ... wish they were!!!

A sweet precious soul... what is it that she is thinking? I love her beyond words... Children, the gift of them, simply amazing! So I leave you with this, as it is posted as the title...

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one!.... I, Kimmy in the City, call it FAMILY.
until we meet again... and we all know that could be ages... God Bless!

I seriously can not believe that I am finally stepping back in to the blogging world again. I really don't know what got in to me... I sometimes have these moments in my life that I like to step back, be by myself and not share so much of myself. And that is EXACTLY what I have been doing for the past 6 months. Life has changed so drastically for me and all I can do sometimes is just wonder how everything happened so fast! I started praying in January of '06 that God would lead me to the place that He wanted me to be. I also prayed that He would show me what He wanted me to do in honor of Him through my job. Well I am not sure if I could wholeheartedly agree that He has me in the "right job" but for now I will trust Him. I have so much to tell, about how I got here (living in Atlanta), what I encountered along the way, and what has become of my new job that I prayed so hard for. I am now an Account Executive for a Wholesale Lender and my job entails going out to Mortgage Broker's and Community Banks and asking them to consider using my company, Acopia Capital Group, to fund their loans. Obviously we all know how the real estate market and thus the mortgage industry is doing right now, so to say that my job is a challenge, is an understatement. But... it is what God lead me to do, and not what I had in "my" plans. So yesterday, I was in a Broker's Office and we were talking about how my last week was (it was miserable... I had every challenge of our business laid in front of me and by the end of the week... I wanted to have a break down... thank goodness I didn't) and he walked in and brought me his Daily Devotional book entitled "Streams in the Desert" and the page from yesterday read like this... " Never pray for an easier life... pray to be a strong person! Never pray for tasks equal to your power... pray for power equal to your tasks. Then doing your work will be no miracle... you will be the miracle! Phillip Brooks "
And I thought that God somehow was not going to be able to reach me in a job like this! It is so humbling to see Him work through others and through me in my job. I played tennis with one of my clients on Saturday as well who I engaged in a deep conversation about life and the pursuit of God! At the end of my match, he told me that he had been really bummed about the mortgage business and the companies that he had previously been dealing with and that I was a breath of fresh air for his company and that from Monday on, they would be dealing with me in all of their loans! God is good :)
On another note... things here in Atlanta are good. I am loving being in a condo (although the dogs have their issues being on the 16th floor) and I love having the wonderful amenities of living here. I went to a concert the other night... Crosby, Stills and Nash at Chastain Park and it was a total blast! City life is so much fun with ballgames (went to an Atlanta Braves Ballgame last week), The Georgia Aquarium, Piedmont Park, Chastain Park, The Coca Cola Museum, Stone Mountain... need I say more about why I love it? Anyways... this video is taken here in the condo. Just thought I would show you all what we do on Saturday mornings and to show you how much my littlest roommate has grown up! Love to you all!